An Unexpected Turn of Events

“In three words I can sum up everything I’ve learned about life: it goes on.”

― Robert Frost

Question: if you could sum up your life in three words what would it be and why? Mine would be “life is vast”. I say this because of the vast experiences we all have, rather directly or vicariously, the varying viewpoints and how our perceptions may change over time and that there’s no real right or way because concepts, such as right/wrong and good/evil are very much subjective.

Well, it has certainly been awhile! I will definitely say that I did not expect life events to happen the way they did, but who does? Mine has made a turn for the better, but to get that way I had to keep my mind and thoughts focused on one single thing. When I do that you know it’s serious because usually not how my brain works, even when I’m studying.

Well, yesterday I purchased another vehicle and I pretty got exactly what I wanted and I didn’t even fully realize it until after I got home yesterday evening. My wants included:

  • under $4000 so I don’t have to pay extra fees in Arkansas and for budget
  • used (obviously)
  • 3rd row (I have a big family and always think of them)
  • AWD or 4WD
  • under 200,000 miles
  • SUV
  • monthly payments under $200
  • no major cosmetic repairs
  • and, dare I say it, something I wouldn’t be ashamed of driving ( I know, I know, dang do I know! I just couldn’t see myself driving a vehicle, no matter the cost, with panels missings and/or all banged up. This is where my pride, my ego, comes in to play. Hey, I said I was going to keep it real on this blog. Lol)

One thing I would’ve preferred was to not make car payments unless I greatly had to because I haven’t had a car payment in a few years. Well, the time came and I greatly had to after many failed attempts to get to certain places on time due to my transportation system. I couldn’t take it anymore after nearly getting into, not 1, but almost 3 bus accidents due to people driving stupid during the holidays ( 1 of which a woman was thrown forward and had to be hospitalized).

I knew something had to be done. So, after two long days of researching, I got my vehicle. Not everyone likes it and it’s not my dream vehicle, but I don’t care; it is mine. I have a 2004 Mercury Mountaineer with an apr of 3.8! Never in my life have I had an APR that low! Now, I can not only get to the places I need, but places I want to go to continue exploring until I save up some more money and get a newer, hopefully dream, vehicle. In the meantime I am very pleased with myself and how things have turned out.

Good luck to everyone out there in school, in this weather and those going through some challenging times. 2019 has been a character-building year for many, many people, but 2020 is sure to be much better and much more prosperous. Do not give up, keep pushing; you never know how some things may work out for you. Call it Law of Attraction, God, Ganesha, Fate or whatever you, it doesn’t matter. What matters is the turning of the tides. Cheers!

Thank you for reading!

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