Hello Fellow Drifters

The definition of the word “drifter”:

“A person who goes from place to place, job to job, etc.,remaining in each for a short period of time.”

Hello and welcome to my blog that I, finally, decided to start again. My name is Ashley Jerkins and I am The Spirited Drifter. First and foremost, I chose the name “The Spirited Drifter” back around March 2016 because I felt like I needed something that described me perfectly. Yes, “drifter” has many definitions, but the one above called to me more.

I have been traveling since a very young age, in fact I don’t remember exactly when I first started traveling, but I caught the bug very early on. I prefer to travel to my heart’s content and not plan out all of my travels. Some days I might just hop in a car or on a bus and just go somewhere, and some days I’ll just vicariously travel via some form of media.

Why do this?

My goal with this blog is to dive right on into my posts more than I can on social media, besides YouTube. Since my first Instagram post back on 16 May 2016 I didn’t really have a clear direction as to where I wanted to go ( shocker, am I right?), but I knew that I just wanted to get things started. For one, I thought about my childhood neighbors, the mother having the misfortune of getting ALS. It is because of her that I thought of sharing my journeys. Add to this about two weeks later one of my aunt’s said I should share my travel experiences and it was done. However, I did not just want to share photos, I wanted to share my experiences with language learning because there have been many ups and downs to that, even though now it seems like more downs. Lol

However, that is part of the journey of my life and I must embrace the ups and downs, the highs and lows and all of the curve balls life throws at me, and even the wrench in the wheel. Having been on my journey and just having celebrated my 31st birthday I feel more confident than ever.

Quick Facts About Me ( as of 19 Nov 2019):

  • I have been to 6 countries ( yes, I am including my birth country): USA (46 states), Italy, Djibouti, Greece, Portugal and El Salvador
  • I’ve studied over 30 languages since the age of about 5
  • The languages I am currently working on to at least B2 level are: Spanish, Italian, German, Greek, Russian and Romanian.
  • Yes, I still get super nervous about speaking a foreign because I am such a perfectionist.
  • I am the author of “Must-Have Language Guide: One Traveler’s Guide to Learning Any Language“, a quick guide to help you get going on your language-learning journey.
  • I want to help encourage people to just get up and go explore and not to be afraid of learning a language, even if it’s by yourself.
  • writing this post has helped remind me of my passion for doing this.

Drift away to your hearts content.

The world is becoming more and more connected. Don’t be afraid, just go for it. Everyday is an adventure, every place has a history & every person has story to tell. Get up and go.

Feel free to contact me if you’d like to link up in DuoLingo. I’ve recently changed my opinion about it.

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